Monday, December 22, 2008

my findings and my roids (pola)

Found this upon rummaging around Trace's room, sneakily. state fair 1994. i miss my gramps, and these careless times. 

I ALSO scanned i
n some polaroids of recent times. 

all the ladies, campus diner. 50s style. spring 08

scott and I in Jerome, September

Also, in the spirit of Christmas, here are some other shots. 


Sunday, December 21, 2008

going home.

tis the night preceding three nights before christmas and I am wide eyed and pensive. I'm heading home tomorrow, all the way back to my roots. Our adolescence is spent trying to pry ourselves free of those twisting things, and though sometimes we are under a liberating illusion that we have succeeded, it is impossible to resist the tug entirely. I'm anxious to go home, to spend the holidays with my kin, with my crazy kind. The thought of it pleases me. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

winter break=no rulez

the day begins with a whistling kettle, ready to warm my shivering bones.

upon rummaging through a fairly limited movie collection, i choose a motion picture that fits my mood of the moment. 

and the cycle continues for hours... always ending with copious amounts of snow.
 good thing I have roommates.

first snow. first blog

There is lots of it out there; snow that is, and I am holed up in this cozy shelter.  And though I'm  not aware of the signs of cabin
 fever, I'm worried I may be coming down with it... especially if it includes cleaning the same place over and over or taking pictures of various items that will be filling my seemingly endless days of boredom and lounging.
 I plan on documenting a good portion of this winter break, and then to continue on blogging for the rest of my days. So far my break has entailed the following: 
making new friends, uniting with old ones and eating supreme pizza from pizza guy:
upon the terrible news that
the nearest asian food delivery place was closed, we opted for pizza
and filled our bellies with warmth. and some Christmas Cola.