Wednesday, December 17, 2008

first snow. first blog

There is lots of it out there; snow that is, and I am holed up in this cozy shelter.  And though I'm  not aware of the signs of cabin
 fever, I'm worried I may be coming down with it... especially if it includes cleaning the same place over and over or taking pictures of various items that will be filling my seemingly endless days of boredom and lounging.
 I plan on documenting a good portion of this winter break, and then to continue on blogging for the rest of my days. So far my break has entailed the following: 
making new friends, uniting with old ones and eating supreme pizza from pizza guy:
upon the terrible news that
the nearest asian food delivery place was closed, we opted for pizza
and filled our bellies with warmth. and some Christmas Cola.

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Saya said...

Excuse me, may english not exelent. Nice to see your blog.